please eat apples twice a day

danger danger alert alert

I have wonderful news to announce! I am getting a cat <3 <3 I want to keep the details of her appearance a surprise but I couldn't keep the news from everyone a secret (mostly because I am the proud parent type of cat owner haha!)

However, I have reached a roadblock ... I do not know what to name her. This is especially bad because I am going to go look at her at the shelter (woo adoption!) tomorrow. Yep. Tomorrow.

I don't know... I just want a name that perfectly fits her, y'know? I don't want to half-ass the process and come up with a name that could be good enough but just isn't quite The Name.

Here are some potential candidates:

Tomie: A secret shortening of anatomy. This may (will) sound mega lame but I love this name because it's almost like a secret between my cat and me. Not everyone will know what her name really means but you, me, and my cat.

Poppy: My friends like this one, but I uh... really don't. I mean, it's cute and all but I don't know if I want a cutesy name for my cat.

Well, I might have implied that there were a plethora of cat name candidates, but there are not. There are only two... I'm sorry hahahahah

So! Do you guys have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them <3

BABY TOMIE IS HOME!!!! Pictures to come!
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please eat apples twice a day

oh gosh I'd kill to do this

So, there isn't really much point to this entry haha! BUT I'm thinking about making picture posts every so often, so think of this as a preview?

Oh! I'm thinking about changing my lj name. I found out that both redmother AND bloodmother is available... decisions, decisions. Would it really be worth the hassle to change it? Probably not, but I figure only 5 people recognize me using my username so maybe it is? ANYWHO which username do you prefer?/If you could change your username would you? If so, what would it be?
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please eat apples twice a day

her eyes are like garnets

Lately, there has been a peafowl wandering around in my yard. I have no clue where she came from, but she is beautiful. Today I fed her some pieces of bread and I got close enough to take some cell phone pictures of her.

I'm 90% sure she's tame, because she wasn't aggressive when I approached her, only skittish.

Tomorrow I will try to pet her. She is the most gorgeous creature I have ever laid eyes on.
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please eat apples twice a day

ahh consumerism!

Have you ever bought an item that you were... ashamed of? I mean, an item that was so expensive that it was shameful? I recently bought a dream item, and my thought process went something like this:

I'm so excited! This has been a dream for so long!


This is a lot of money though, it could have gone to better use...

Maybe I made the wrong decision by going through with this?

But I love it so much! It'll be put to good use!

Hah... I'm so greedy... I buy items like this, yet 1 in 8 people are in poverty. I'm such a bad person OTL OTL

This happens every single time I buy something I don't need. I'm so terrible about spending money! I'm so frugal that l literally only buy food when the fridge is completely empty (this usually includes me eating leftovers that are almost a month old...) <-- FUN FACT: My mother calls me the human garbage can, ahah!

I feel so hypocritical as well! During Dharma studies at the temple, almost ALL scriptures mention practicing abstinence from greediness aka don't buy crap you don't need. Except, I'M A MOTHERFUCKING LOLITA. MY HOBBY IS BASED AROUND BUYING CRAP I DON'T NEED.

If any of you were wondering, I'm the process of buying this baby:

I'm horrible </3
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please eat apples twice a day

Sakura Matsuri Yukata(s)

I have a small dilemma concerning what to wear to Sakura Matsuri. I know I want to wear a yukata, but I have no idea which one I should pick! The Kokusyoku Sumire x RIN yukata was sold out (much to my dismay) so I have to look for another one. These are my possible picks so far:

Collapse )

EDIT: I ended up going with the red one! Thank you everyone!! ahh, I'm so excited! My obi is going to be gold <33
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please eat apples twice a day


omg diary, today i was talking to this girl yanise and she told me that my farts smell bad!!1111 omg she is SO not kawaii ): i told her that all farts are natural and normal and then she called me a weirdo and i cried and then i decided to tell lj about it man all lolitas are so meen i dont know why they are supposed to act like dolls and be nice all the time but yanise was being soooooo meen to me i thought lolitas were supposed to be lovelies like the ones in japan are but i guess pig disgusting american lolitas dont follow the amazing super kawaii japanese lolitas i want to live in japan one day and be a lolita everyday well thats it diary so bye